Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hugi kom heim með sögur sem hann hefur skrifað í skólanum, mér fannst þetta svo flott hjá honum og ákvað að setja eitthvað af þessu hingað inn til að þetta glatist ekki.

When I grow up I want to be someone who likes coffee and tea.
When I grow up I want to be a man in house that´s full of bees.
When I grow up I want to be a rocket going to Mercury.

When my hamster died

I was in bed when I heard my mom say something. I went downstairs. Now I knew what
heppened my hamster died. He had rice in his but. And there was blood on the rice.
Now I know that it´s not a good idea to give my hamster rice for lunch. But I couldn´t understand how my hamster could die with rice in his but.

First day in school

The half of the class are in cooking class and the other in art. I was in cooking. One day I was in cooking, I started making vegetable food like everybody did. Using vegetables was my best thing to do in cooking class. I wished that we could make ratatoele (ratatouille). But I never could. I heard it was way too hard. Even the cooking teacher didn´t know how to do it.

When I learned to flush the toilet

When I was four I was afraid of flushing the toilet. Because my dad read Captain Underpants with eating toilets. And when you flush the sound is like a growl. I also thought that the toilet had glue on it so when you sit on the toilet it would eat you. I thought that when you flush you where turning it on.
But one day my dad had to go to the bathroom. I said no! The toilet is alive! And he sat down, than he flushed. I closed my eyes and than my dad came out alive. I went inside and sat down and peed and than I flushed. Nothing happened. This was my first time to pee in a toilet. And to flush. That´s how I learned to flush. The end.

In the jungle (Saga frá Tælandi)

I was with my family and a man. I didn´t know his name.
I saw a monkey. First I was a bit scared. Then he climbed really fast up in a tree. He took a coconut and threw it down, it was amazing! I didn´t know that any animal in the world could climb that fast. And I didn´t know that monkeys could use it´s hands to take the coconut and hold the branch.

Tek það fram að þetta er stafsetning Huga, ég lagaði ekki neitt.

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