Thursday, November 06, 2008


Nú eru Atli, Ada og Tara litla á leið til Íslands með viðkomu í París. Hugi fékk það verkefni í skólanum í síðustu viku að skrifa bréf til einhvers sem væri að koma á nýjan stað og hann valdi að skrifa til Ödu um Ísland.

Dear Ada

I heard you were coming to Iceland and here is everything you need to adapt with. I will tell you how to survive in the snow and how to get a house on low prize and how to get money realy fast.

To survive in the snow you have to wear the right clothes. First you have to wear mitens, boots, weather pants and a red coat cause I like red. Then you are ready to go outside in the ice cold snow but still as warm as a person in a hot tub.

To get a house on good prize you have to go east of Reikjavik. Then you keep going east then you will see a farm where you can buy a little nice house with flowers and no houses around. Then you can relax for the rest of your vacation.

The first way to get money realy fast is to sing something in Chinese cause Icelandic people think this is really fasanating. The next way is to sell Chinese dicnoarys so they can learn Chinese. The third thing teach Icelandic people Chinese history.

If you ever get these kind of problems just read this. Good bey and have a great time!!! I drew a picture to say good bey from Hugi.


Unknown said...

Hugi er nú meira krúttið.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugi,
I enjoyed your letter to Ada very much. I think you are quite right on 2 points at least:
Everything you said about the right clothes to wear in winter in Iceland is right to the point. And I agree with you that red is a nice colour. And a red windjacket or a red cap makes it easier for the rescue team to find you when you are lost in the mountains.
As for the little house with flowers east of Reykjavík, I'm afraid that the prize has gone up quite a bit by now. I would advise Ada to have a tent and camp at the camping-site in Laugardal, right by the big swimming-pool (where she can also have a hot tub!). Another solution would be to lend her the little cabin you built yourself, and still stands in my back garden at Grjótagata.
Lastly, I'm sure singing Chinese airs, dancing in Chinese costumes and teaching the Chinese language would be a very good way to earn a lot of money realy fast. This is why I shall conclude by encouraging you to learn Chinese as well as you can: it might be a gold mine for you in the future! I'm not joking.
So keeep on with the good work and be a good boy.
Hugs and kisses from your grand-ma Catherine